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Being Charged Negative Interest with the Banks?


Are banks charging you for your own money? Are you a potential Funding Partner? Want to invest in land or property development, but don’t know where to begin? Read on!

Would you like to be part of Rebuilding Ireland initiative? Providing Social Housing for people that are in desperate need of a home. Local authorises and Approved Housing Bodies are looking for completed units as quickly as possible for social housing. 

Rebuilding Ireland has committed a €200 million Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF) to open up lands for early development, greatly enhancing existing measures in relation to construction growth, with a guarantee to double the completion level of additional homes in the next four years to 25,000 on average per annum. 47,000 social housing units are also to be delivered under Rebuilding Ireland’s plan by 2021.

We can help you source active sites, residentially zoned land. With over 20 years’ experience as a land and property trader who can source and deliver value added property development opportunities. We can work with you or your professional advisors. 

Working capital or available funds starting from €250,000 upwards is required. 

If you are interested in an opportunity to become a funding partner and deliver a project that matters. Please give me a call,

Hugh Leddy 086-2528066 or simply send us an email at with your contact number and we happily will give you a call.